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Another one.

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And one more.

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Another portrait of the same model.

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For the time being this is all I got when it comes to my favorite black nudes series. In the meantime I keep portraing people a lot because I really like it.
Here's one of my latest done with a model who agreed to pose twice for my Housewives series and I also portrayed her twice.

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Beauty Incarnated 14

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Beauty Incarnated 13

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Beauty Incarnated 12

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Beauty incarnated 11

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Beauty Incarnated 10

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Beauty Incarnated 9

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Beauty Incarnated 8

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Beauty Incarnated 7

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Beauty Incarnated 6

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Beauty Incarnated 5

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Beauty Incarnated 4

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Beauty Incarnated 3

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Beauty Incarnated 2

I've been working on that series for the past 3 years. I don't think I'm gonna stop.

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Beauty Incarnated 1

This is one of my first series. At the same time, the one that is the most demanding but I just love it.

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Kura Domowa - Barbie Balboa

Fotografia kreacyjna pt: "Kura Domowa: Barbie Balboa". Portret urody. Fot. Łukasz Cyrus, Ruda Śląska
Barbie Balboa

Housewives - Barbie Balboa

For the time being this is the last one. The series countinues, however. Housewives: Barbie B.

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Kura Domowa - Strażnik Texasu

Fotografia kreacyjna pt: "Kura Domowa: Strażnik Texasu". Portret urody. Fot. Łukasz Cyrus, Ruda Śląska
Texas Ranger

Housewives - Texas Ranger

sobota, 6 września 2008

Kura Domowa - Demon Sobotniej Nocy

Fotografia kreacyjna pt: "Kura Domowa: Demon Sobotniej Nocy". Portret urody. Fot. Łukasz Cyrus, Ruda Śląska
Saturday Night Demon

Housewives - Sturday Night Demon

My favorite one. Housewives: Saturday Night Demon

piątek, 5 września 2008

Kura Domowa - Danie Główne

Fotografia kreacyjna pt: "Kura Domowa: Danie Główne". Portret urody. Fot. Łukasz Cyrus, Ruda Śląska
Main Course

Housewives: Main Course

I enjoyed working on this one because it was more difficult than the rest. Getting the right moment with two people is always more difficult than with one.

czwartek, 4 września 2008

Kura Domowa - Kobieta z Żelaza

Fotografia kreacyjna pt: "Kura Domowa: Kobieta z Żelaza". Portret urody. Fot. Łukasz Cyrus, Ruda Śląska
Iron Girl

Housewives - Iron Girl

This one is called Housewives: The Iron Girl and has probably been the most often viewed of all my pictures.

środa, 3 września 2008

Kura Domowa - Wojownik Kuchenny

Fotografia kreacyjna pt: "Kura Domowa: Gospodyni". Portret urody. Fot. Łukasz Cyrus, Ruda Śląska
Kitchen Warrior

Housewives - Kitchen Warrior

Besides 'Climbers' series I keep working on my 'Housewives' series. This one is meant to be a photographic joke. It's all about women about the house, but shown with a twist.

This one is called Housewives: The Kitchen Warrior.

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Enjoy photographs of a friend of a friend of mine who works on a similar series. However, the artistic approach is a bit different.


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Climbers #6

This is the last of the first series of 'Climbers'.