niedziela, 31 sierpnia 2008

Climbers #5

The last but one.

sobota, 30 sierpnia 2008

Climbers #4


piątek, 29 sierpnia 2008

Climbers #3

There are six of them so far. Maybe there's gonna be more. But I might come with a totally new approach as well. We will see. This is the third one.

czwartek, 28 sierpnia 2008

Climbers #2

So this is it. Different colors, different composition. The most important difference is that these were not done on the climbing wall. Here the man was placed against a wall with very limited holds and standing on the floor. I think they came out pretty nice but I felt they lacked realism. That's way in the RED series I decided to built that small climbing wall that you saw in the pictures. It brought a totaly new dimension to the photographs.

środa, 27 sierpnia 2008

The First Series of 'Climbers'

The Red series of 'Climbers' that I'm working on right now is actually not the first one. The whole idea started a year ago. In fall 2007 I started working on my first male nudes. The concept was basically the same but the results so much different.
So this is how it all started.

wtorek, 26 sierpnia 2008

The fourth one

...And the last one for the time being. So far I have only four of these ready but I'm sure there'll be more as I really like this series.

poniedziałek, 25 sierpnia 2008

Nude #3

Hell with fingers injury. I'm going to tape them really well and I'm good to go climbing. I've been going crazy without it for the past week. So the rest is over.

On the other hand the past week was very productive when it comes to photography. I did a lot of it. I'm going to share soon. In the mean time please enjoy the third picture of the 'Climbers' series. This one is with a new model. New body-build, new climbing technique, a new picture.

niedziela, 24 sierpnia 2008

Second picture

Starting a blog is quite time-consuming if it's new to you. But it's OK, I have plenty of time anyway since I can't climb due to fingers injury I got myself into a week ago. As a reult a blog has started and I'm getting familiar with it.

Today I'd like to show another of the 'Climbers' series. Nude #2.

Let's get started

So here I go, in the middle of nowhere. I've been thinking what to start with or where but there seems to be no beginning to things like blog. It's a continuity. It just rolls so I'm gonna roll with it.

This blog is about photography which is a great passion of mine. A general idea for me is to take pictures which don't suck. I believe you can let me know if I succeed.

Right now I'm working on a series of male nudes. Quite a difficult subject on one hand since it's not so popular as female nudes. On the other hand it's probably fairly easy because of the same reason - it's not so popular. The competition is not so hard.
The series is called 'Climbers'. As you can expect all of the models are rock climbers. I've been a rock climber long enough to realize that their fit bodies are a perfect choice for fine art nude photography.
In my pictures I try to capture the beauty of human body frozen in action. It gives us a chance to see things we normally cannot because they happen so fast. A camera allows me to freeze people performing dynamic moves and I do enjoy it a lot.

Here is the first of the series. I sure hope you like it.

Feel absolutely free to comment and ask questions. I'd love to hear from you.