niedziela, 24 sierpnia 2008

Let's get started

So here I go, in the middle of nowhere. I've been thinking what to start with or where but there seems to be no beginning to things like blog. It's a continuity. It just rolls so I'm gonna roll with it.

This blog is about photography which is a great passion of mine. A general idea for me is to take pictures which don't suck. I believe you can let me know if I succeed.

Right now I'm working on a series of male nudes. Quite a difficult subject on one hand since it's not so popular as female nudes. On the other hand it's probably fairly easy because of the same reason - it's not so popular. The competition is not so hard.
The series is called 'Climbers'. As you can expect all of the models are rock climbers. I've been a rock climber long enough to realize that their fit bodies are a perfect choice for fine art nude photography.
In my pictures I try to capture the beauty of human body frozen in action. It gives us a chance to see things we normally cannot because they happen so fast. A camera allows me to freeze people performing dynamic moves and I do enjoy it a lot.

Here is the first of the series. I sure hope you like it.

Feel absolutely free to comment and ask questions. I'd love to hear from you.