piątek, 22 lutego 2013

Lisa Stock

Fotograf Muzyczny

Fotograf Muzyczny Lisa Stock

Jednego wieczora, dla zabicia czasu oglądałem sobie zdjęcia w sieci. Ot tak, dla zabawy. 
Zwykle kolor, muzyka i śliczne dziewczyny przyciągają moją uwagę jak magnes przyciąga żelazo. Tego szczególnego wieczora wszystkie trzy czynniki spotkały się na zdjęciach Lisy Stock - młodej Kanadyjki, która fotografuje muzyków i samą siebie.

Fotografuje bardzo ładnie i z polotem.
Napisałem do Lisy pytając o jej fotograficzną historię i inspiracje.

Oto, co mi odpisała.

I've been drawing since I can hold a pen. Trying to create emotions, expressions, and energy through images.
But I always thought that there wasn't enough life...

My interest for photography started in 2004.
I bought a little Olympus 5 minutes before my first show: Atreyu, at the Metropolis in Montreal. Who'd knew I would work frequently at that same venue, shoot many of my favorite artists, including Atreyu at the Heavy MTL in 2010. With that camera, I made my first Self Portrait ever. Which is probably attached to this document.
In high school, I've been told to give up the path I chose: Photography. They said there is no future in that field. I believed them. So I did.
But it didn't last...
A little more than a year later, in 2008, I bought my first, and most trusted companion: my Nikon D80, with the loan I made for an Airbrush course. Obviously, I never got those lessons. And so I started, little contracts, mostly models. I also began modeling at the same time. So I learned from the other Photographers, while also working on my own projects. I learned very quickly, lighting, posing, directing, angles, everything. I asked questions, and they showed me. Since my first love was drawing, and I already had a little experience in Paint, I got a program similar to Photoshop: Corel Paint Shop Pro; A fantastic program that prepared me for the real thing. Now, I work all the time with Lightroom, and occasionally with Photoshop.
In 2009, I went to study Photography, but it wasn't for me. I don't like school, and I already knew so much... I lost interest, and motivation. But I never stopped taking pictures. On the contrary, I had contracts non-stop. I worked as a photographer at many different places.

Then I got the call that would change my life.
I was working in a Photo Center called Foto Plus, we were printing images when my uncle Redge (from Pearl Drums) called on my cell phone. I went in a corner to answer quietly. He said that the Photographer for the Drum Fest called in sick, and they needed someone tomorrow, 200$ for the weekend. I politely asked my boss, who wasn't happy, but let me take off from work.

At the show, I immediately fell in love. It was the most amazing feeling I've ever felt. Such a rush. It's like time stopped, and I was on a mission; to capture the best images possible; to recreate the vibe, and power that surrounded the incredibly talented musicians. Running from one place to an other, on stage, second floor, front back, left right. It was incredible. The lighting was fabulous, I was allowed free food, and meeting all the artists, everything to encourage a "newbie". With that first concert, I was featured in the Modern Drummer Magazine, and had a two page spread in the Drums Etc Magazine. I have to admit it wasn't as fun fighting with my camera in the pit in darker venues, but you gotta be quick, and adjust. Do the best with what you have.
Since then, everything happened so fast...
These days, I am working on making my first exhibition. We were supposed to have one in school, but with my luck, we were the only group whose presentation was canceled, due to location complications... So I'm planning on making a big launch. I'm not certain of the theme yet, but I will probably be exposing Self Portraits, since they're the ones who generate the most traffic, and I will never have trouble with the copyrights! I might make them a bit more "anonymous", and "artsy". Transforming them into artwork, more than simple images. But we'll see. I've had so many ideas. I might make different themes in a short period.
Fotografia koncertowa - fotograf muzyczny Lisa Stock